How do I quote a homepage?

How do I quote a homepage?

Therefore, when citing internet sources, you always have to state the URL and the respective access date … The reference in the bibliography consists of: author of the online article or author of the website, date, title, URL and access date.

Where are the quotation marks?

– and to emphasize parts of words, words or parts of sentences. Basically, the following rules must be observed: – Quotation marks are placed before and after the marked word or the text passage. – The quotation mark always follows a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence, for example a period or question mark.

How do you quote from the book?

The complete list of sources for a book consists of: Author.Year.Title.if applicable. Band, if applicable Edition, place of publication and publisher.

What are oral source examples?

Oral sources: old sagas, ballads, legends were and are often passed on from parents to children without ever being written down. As sources, these can say a lot about the past.

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