Thomas Shafer

Thomas Shafer

Thomas Shafer is an all-round talented individual. As an attentive father who cares deeply for his children’s football and cheerleading careers, as well as being an avid fitness enthusiast who appreciates Olympic lifting and crossfit training.

He has held positions with various high-profile firms throughout his career, such as Silvetti + Machado and Fred Koetter & Associates.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Shafer is a ceramic artist best known for his hand-built decorative stoneware forms and wheel-thrown functional stoneware pieces, such as plates, bowls and covered jars fashioned by him from hand-built clay forms and decorated with patterns inspired by Spanish and Middle Eastern pottery designs.

He is committed to community service in his free time, volunteering in Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish after Hurricane Katrina hit and being involved with his firm’s Salon Series program which features guest speakers that engage the local population.

Maurie Fitzmaurice Shafer was his wife of 66 years. Survivors include three sons including Thomas Shafer Jr. of Fulton; one daughter Susan Thyden from Westminster; ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Additionally, he was an active member of Edmondson Heights Civic Association as well as an avid sports fan.

Professional Career

Tom Shafer is an accomplished executive with extensive banking and advisory experience. He has spearheaded multiple operational and financial reviews, as well as leading a multi-billion dollar transportation organization transformation effort.

Tom has held several roles in commercial banking, including co-president of Chemical Bank in Rogers, Arkansas. Over his career he has successfully negotiated numerous acquisitions and headquarter relocations.

He has a proven record of helping clients increase fiscal transparency, enhance performance and efficiency, and enhance corporate governance. On multiple occasions he has also served as an interim executive.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Shafer has long been an asset to United Press International (UPI). Beginning his career with two firms that would later merge under UPI, Thomas Shafer was among the first photographers to photograph Japanese Emperor Hirohito after World War II had ended. Additionally, Thomas served as military correspondent in the Pacific theater while receiving several National Press Photographers awards for charity work.

Shafer has received many honors for both his professional accomplishments and contributions to local organizations and universities. As a member of Harvard Club – known for their Salon Series featuring invited guests discussing arts and architecture topics – Shafer was given several accolades from both institutions.

Shafer is an attentive father to his children and exhibits strong familial responsibility. A popular football and cheer dad, he enjoys supporting their pursuit of their goals and aspirations.

Personal Life

Thomas Shafer is a committed family man. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children as well as participating in civic-minded activities, serving on both the Executive Board and Board of Trustees at North Shore Country Day School in Winnetka Illinois; also as Chairman of its Student Experience Committee as well as Strategic Planning and Global Initiative Committees.

He spends much of his free time as an avid sports fan and traveler, as well as volunteering in the community – following Hurricane Katrina he and his firm collaborated with volunteers from North Shore Country Day School to rebuild homes in St Bernard Parish in New Orleans, as well as donating building materials and volunteer labor to various charitable organizations.

Net Worth

Thomas C Shafer is an estimated multi-Millionaire with an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $1 Million dollars. His fortune was built through a career in commercial real estate and banking; currently serving as Executive Vice President with CBRE Atlanta’s Capital Markets Investment Properties Group providing advisory services on income property sales, equity financing and land sales to companies throughout Southeast America.

Prior to joining CBRE, he served as Principal at Resource Real Estate Partners where he led its investment brokerage services. While at Resource, he brokered over $5 billion and 40 million square feet in real estate assets.

Capital Real Estate Group of Atlanta was also founded on his belief that clients deserve superior service delivered with honesty and integrity.

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