How do I quote a magazine?

How do I quote a magazine?

When citing articles from magazines, the respective year and issue number must be given … URL or DOI.

How do I quote a picture?

In addition to the information directly below the figure in the text, there are figures with a complete reference to the source in the bibliography. It is important that you cite the source for all information that comes from other authors.

How do I quote a table?

In addition to the source information in the running text of your scientific work, there are tables with a complete source information in the bibliography. If you take a table from another source, it counts as a quote. Therefore, tables must also be identified with a source.

How to specify image rights?

The user of a third-party photo is fundamentally obliged to expressly state the author or the rights holder. An exception only exists if something else has been agreed with the author. Because, in principle, the photographer can waive naming his client.

How do I recognize copyright in images?

If the protection of the copyright has expired, these are considered to be free of copyright or in the public domain. How can I recognize copyright-free images? Whether the photos are protected or copyright-free cannot be determined by looking at the respective work.

Do I have a copyright on my pictures?

Exception: photos are always protected! Regardless of whether it is an artistically valuable photograph or just a simple product photo, the height of creation does not matter with pictures. A photo is therefore protected even if no copyright notice is attached.

How do you call pictures, graphics or photos on the Internet that do not violate copyright law?

CC0 license There are many photographs, graphics and designs on the Internet that are marked with the abbreviation CC0 (Creative Commons Zero). This means that you do not own any copyright under US law. The legal equivalent is the unconditional license right for the users.

What do you call images on the Internet that do not violate copyright law?

You can always use images that are no longer protected by copyright. This is the case in Switzerland if the author has been dead for more than 70 years. (If you expect 71 years of age, you are on the safe side.) Such images are so-called in the public domain and are part of the public domain.

When does the copyright on photos expire?

While pictures protected by copyright, i.e. photographic works, enjoy a protection period of 70 years after the death of the author, the protection for photographs expires 50 years after they have been published or produced.

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