How do I quote a personal conversation?

How do I quote a personal conversation?

The reference in the text by Harvard and German citation consists of: Name of the person interviewed, interview ‘, personal interview’, interview with ‘etc., if applicable. Place, date, reference to attachment.

How do I quote a second hand quote?

3.5 Second-hand references If it is unavoidable to cite second-hand, both works are listed in the bibliography. The original source is then quoted after and the bibliographical information of the corresponding work is added.

How do I quote from an anthology?

If an anthology (with contributions by different authors) is to be cited in the series as a whole, the publisher (s) of the respective volume must be named before the title of the volume. The publisher can also appear after the location.

How do I quote from a collective work?

In the bibliography, articles from compilations should follow the structure surname, first name (year). The title of the article follows, but (unlike monographs) it is not in italics. An ‘in:’ is followed by the name of the editor of the collective work and ‘(Hrsg.)’, Then the book title in italics and, if applicable,

How do you quote from an edited work?

Title of the work. Place: Publisher. In the case of an edited work, the brackets (Hrsg.) Are placed in front of the year. inserted with a period after the bracket.

How do I cite a monograph?

A monograph – i.e. a stand-alone work written mostly by a single author – is generally documented in the footnotes and in the bibliography according to the following citation rule: Last name, first name: title. Subtitle, place of publication, year of publication.

How do I quote a series?

Series name Volume number: Pages; Place (publisher). Monographs in series are always cited like normal monographs (see above). In addition, the name of the series and the volume number are given. In addition the page number.

How do you recognize a monograph?

Anthology: Means a collection of individual texts by different authors on any topic. An anthology is considered a monograph when the authors have refined and developed the individual texts together. If this is not the case, one speaks more of an anthology, anthology or collection of articles.

How do I know if it’s an anthology?

In a bibliography you can recognize the entry of a monograph by the fact that the name of the author (s), the book title and the publisher are given. You can recognize an anthology by the fact that the name of the editor followed by the abbreviation “Ed.

When is it an anthology?

An anthology is a book in which several texts by different authors or essays by different authors are published in an anthology. In contrast to this, a monograph will be published by all authors or authors indicated.

When is it a collective work?

The collective work is under the direction of one or more editors. You will see there that the abbreviation “Hrsg. “Or” Editor “is written out in the book.

Is a lexicon a collective work?

Collection of works or other contributions that are a personal intellectual creation through selection or arrangement (e.g. lexicons, encyclopedias, anthologies, also cookbooks and possibly also address books etc.).

What is an edited work?

Edited works (book with chapters by different authors on an overarching topic). Here, too, the quality can vary; it depends, among other things, on the selection and quality control of the authors by the publisher of the book.

What is a literature monograph?

Monograph – definition & bibliography. A monograph is a book devoted to a specific topic, person, or problem.

What is a textbook?

A textbook is a non-fiction book that offers didactically prepared teaching materials and materials for study or teaching. The textbooks in schools are called textbooks. Brief textbooks are also available as a compendium or abstract or

Can a monograph have an editor?

In the case of volumes / booklets of series of publications, a distinction must be made between (1) monographs and (2) anthologies. In the case of monographs, in addition to the information listed under (A), the name of the series and the volume / issue of the series are given. The editors of the series are not listed.

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