How do I quote a sentence?

How do I quote a sentence?

In the case of a direct quotation, the sentence must be taken verbatim. Even spelling mistakes are accepted. When quoting verbatim, the sentence is always in quotation marks. This procedure is perfect for your bachelor thesis for examples or definitions.

Where do the sources of the illustrations come from?

Figures, such as pictures, graphics, photos or diagrams, are not included in the bibliography of your scientific work, but in the list of figures. If you use one of your own recordings in your scientific work, please state “Source: own recording” in the reference.

Where can I find the source of an image?

Google image search with an image uploadedOpen the Google image search page.Click the small camera icon next to the magnifying glass icon.A search bar will open. Now click on “Browse…”. Now select the image on your computer that you want to search for.

How do I cite sources of images?

When using images under the CC license, the following information is mandatory: naming of the author, such as “Max Mustermann” link to the source of the image.

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