Normando Valentin

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Valentin announced on his social media platforms that he already knows his third son Axel Villano as well as Angie Villano, his niece.

Early Life and Education

Normando Hernandez Gonzalez was among 74 journalists targeted and arrested by Cuba for reporting outside their government-approved perspective in March 2003, as part of an attempt by authorities to crackdown on independent journalism. As part of this crackdown, nearly 10 years were served in prison due to reporting outside this normative perspective.

He now lives in Miami, where he established the Camaguey College of Independent Journalists and currently serves as Director General for Cuba’s Institute for Freedom of Speech and Press (IFSP). Additionally, he was selected as a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow through National Endowment for Democracy.

The name Normando has long been linked with France’s historical region of Normandy. The term was first recorded in medieval documents and heraldic records, often by noble families claiming Norman ancestry; today however it is generally used without reference to any specific lineage.

Professional Career

Valentin has made significant contributions in multiple fields throughout his career – medicine, technology and politics among them. As CEO of Professional Hospital Guaynabo in Mexico City he spearheaded technological advancements and infrastructure upgrades while simultaneously serving as Global Healthcare Alliance Manager with NVIDIA Corporation to develop partnerships for artificial intelligence technology in healthcare applications.

He has also been highly engaged in media, hosting the investigative journalism show There Is The Truth on WapaTV and contributing articles for Primera Hora newspaper. Additionally, he boasts over 370,000 followers on Instagram alone!

Valentin is also involved in political activism, running as a candidate in the National Republican Congressional Committee Young Guns program for congressional elections.

Achievement and Honors

Recently, journalist Normando Valentin marked five years informing Puerto Rican residents through WAPA Television’s screen. However, his recent comments in NotiUno 630’s radio program fueled rumors regarding possible changes to local channels.

TeleOnce’s La Comay program revealed that Valentin is in discussions to replace Jorge Rivera Nieves who will step down after four years serving as anchor at NotiCentro.

Valentin and his team have won in multiple categories of the International Emmys. Additionally, he was nominated to this prestigious prize at the Olimpiadas de Informacion Locals as well. These accolades represent a tremendous honor for a local channel; marking it’s inaugural nomination.

Personal Life

Valentin Berio finds pleasure in spending quality time with his family. He is father to six children and an 18-month old grandchild and married to Glenda Berio.

Veteran journalist Carlos Martinez regularly shares emotive posts on social media platforms with his followers. For instance, recently he posted a picture of his third child with the following caption: “Well Saturday brought a surprise! Already met my third child @axelvalentin94 and his sister Angie Villano…. so far very impressed by them!!!!!”

Valentin has been a part of Wapa TV’s NotiCentro al Amanecer show since 2007, when it first premiered. Prior to hosting his current role as host he worked as a weather reporter alongside Efren Arroyo and Keylla Hernandez as weather reporters, and became popular among viewers due to his laid back, friendly demeanor.

Net Worth

WapaTV hosts his investigative journalism program “There Is the Truth”. Additionally, he writes for Primera Hora newspaper and boasts over 320,000 Instagram followers. In addition, Ivonne Orsini counts him among her close acquaintances; additionally he hosts “El Show del Sr. Valentin”.

She is one of the most successful Latin American media personalities and has managed to amass an enormous fortune through her entertainment work. Her wealth reaches amongst the Top 10 of Celebrities With High Wealth; boasting an estimated net worth in excess of one Billion USD.

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