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How do I set up my yoga room?

Almost everyone who uses the numerous beneficial effects of yoga secretly dreams of a special place of well-being at home – a cozy, inspiring and at the same time relaxing place for their own yoga practice. And while it is not necessary to have such an area in order to practice yoga, we have some useful tips and tricks to suggest for the perfect yoga atmosphere at home.

Yoga room, wooden floor

Yoga room at home

Yoga room, curtains, candle light, wooden floor

Yoga room – white curtains and candlesticks

Yoga room, yoga mat, buddah figures, wall decorations, candles, curtains, side table

Yoga room decorated with buddah figures, matching wall decoration

Yoga room, yoga mat, home accessories, floor cushions, white furniture

Yoga mat – an important living accessory in every yoga room

Yoga room, meditation cushion, floor cushion, Buddha figure, side table, red wall, wall decoration

Yoga room very simply and simply furnished

If you don’t have a whole room, then a free and quiet corner of the room is enough. Position your yoga mat so that it is aimed at something beautiful, such as a self-made altar, a magnificent plant, a noble candlestick or a window with a view of the greenery. Everything is allowed that suits your style and quickly puts you in the right mood for yoga and meditation.

Buddha figure, OM, incense sticks, yoga room, candle

Buddha figure

Yoga room, yoga accessories, yoga mat, basket, flowers

Yoga accessories

Yoga, candles, aromatic oil, book, flowers, yoga altar

Yoga altar

Yoga, meditation, mala, om, singing bowl, altar

Meditation is an inseparable part of yoga practice

Yoga room, Buddha figure, altar, meditation

Yoga room

It is better to paint the walls of your retreat in a color that exudes harmony and serenity, such as lavender or bright yellow and green tones. You can of course also decorate the walls – with matching pictures, energizing mandalas, beautiful malas or inspiring quotes, but without overloading the wall surface. Because the wall can serve as a support for some yoga postures.

Yoga room, meditation, salt crystal lamp

Yoga room, your special room for meditation

Yoga room, Tibetan singing bowls, meditation

Yoga room equipped with Tibetan singing bowls

Yoga, mala, decoration, gemstone

Yoga decoration

Decoration, candles, meditation, yoga

The yoga room is usually decorated with a lot of candles, which create an exotic atmosphere there

Lighting plays a particularly important role in setting up a feel-good place, because light has a direct influence on our emotional state. The more subtle the lighting, the more tempting the ambience. Candlelight and salt crystal lamps calm the mind and thus ensure more relaxation. Gemstones and crystals also have a calming effect. A fragrance lamp for high-quality essential oils should also not be missing, as well as incense sticks and fresh flowers.

Yoga room, meditation, incense sticks

Yoga room and incense always go hand in hand

Yoga room, decoration, incense sticks

Yoga room

Yoga, incense sticks, fragrance

Practice yoga in a relaxed atmosphere

To make the whole thing even more comfortable, a cozy carpet, a cozy blanket and some nice floor pillows that you can also use as meditation pillows are ideal. A library with exciting books and CDs, which correspond to your own ideas for inspiration, transform your yoga room into a place where you can also develop freely mentally.

Buddah, yoga altar, candle, wall decoration, home accessories

Buddah figure as a living accessory

Did we miss something ?! Everything that you can think of and that has an emotional value for you belongs in the yoga room. We wish you a lot of fun setting up and practicing yoga in your new place of well-being!

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