How do I write a good informative text?

How do I write a good informative text?

Compose the informative text as follows: Note the three-part structure: Introduction: Presentation of the topic. Main part: Presentation of the information. Conclusion: Summary of the most important aspects. Write factually and neutrally. Write in the present tense. Avoid colloquial language and your own opinion.

What are the characteristics of a factual text?

Factual texts are written in such a way that they inform you neutrally and as precisely as possible. It is primarily about that you can understand a process, an action or an opinion. Texts can fulfill several functions.

How do you write a body text?

Continuous text is a text without interruptions … Continuous text in advertisingYour text must arise from the headline, not the other way around. Always write face-to-face, this makes the text sound dynamic. Avoid impersonal addresses, modal verbs, long words and anything that makes the text difficult.

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