How do I write a good reflection?

How do I write a good reflection?

Formal and structure of a reflection Introductory sentence: Most important key data at a glance (date, place, participants, description of the situation) Introduction: Summary of the situation (extension of the introductory sentence, important information) Main part: Conclusion: Final sentence:

How can you reflect on yourself?

9 tips for a better self-awareness Self-reflection needs calm. Take your time for self-reflection. Practice regularly and create routines. Reflect on challenging situations. Use self-assessment as a preparation. Take yourself seriously. Self-awareness: Be honest with yourself. Be gracious to yourself.

What is meant by educational action?

Pedagogical action is professional action aimed at promoting learning and personal development (independence / maturity).

What does a reflection mean?

Reflection means thinking about oneself or one’s own behavior in a testing and comparative way, thinking (if it is related to a mental activity).

Why is it important to reflect?

Self-reflection is important in order to: act / make more conscious decisions in the future; to be more aware of our strengths and to use them in a targeted manner; to know our weaknesses and to work on them.

What does critically reflect mean?

reproduced. Reflecting accordingly means that one turns and turns something, viewed from other angles, in order to arrive at a carefully raised image of reality that comes closer to reality. Those who reflect critically distinguish something and try to reproduce this distinction.

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