How do I write a résumé for an apprenticeship position?

How do I write a résumé for an apprenticeship position?

A perfect tabular curriculum vitae contains all the biographical details that the HR manager is looking for in an application. The following information should not be missing: Name, address, date and place of birth, professional experience, school career, special qualifications such as language and IT skills and hobbies.

How do I create a good résumé?

Create a resume in Word using a template Open a blank document in Word and click on File at the top of the ribbon. In the new window, click on New. Enter the word Resume in the search bar that says Search for online templates. Hit the Return (Enter) key and you can choose a template.

What data in the resume?

Include personal data in your résumé, first name and surname (as heading of the section), date and place of birth, full address, telephone number (s), e-mail address, further information if necessary.

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