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Think green: 15 ideas for a vertical garden at home

There is nothing like a vertical garden overflowing with lush greenery! The design of vertical gardens indoors and mostly outdoors, as a decoration of the veranda or terrace, is a modern, rising trend in house design. Vertical garden ideas have been in great demand lately and beautiful designs with lush greenery are very popular. The good news for all design fans is that there is always a great garden idea for every budget and style. Whether you have already designed a vertical garden outside on the veranda or have a green wall on your house, such greening shows exactly your style and your personal approach to life. Think environmentally conscious and let your creativity play a role! Then you can rest assured that you can create a breathtaking green wall yourself. Today we have put together 15 vertical garden ideas for you in a picture gallery, which should inspire you to create a living work of art in your indoor or outdoor space.

grüne Wand vertikaler Garten

A green wall outside makes every hour in the fresh air even more pleasant

A vertical garden is an urban art form that was developed by the French botanist Patric Blanc in the 1980s. Since then, the green walls have been gaining more and more fans around the world and are enjoying great popularity. That is quite understandable, because the vertical gardens look very fresh and close to nature, they have a calming effect on our mind and purify the air. These are important pluses for their popularity. You can also create vertical gardens yourself. Those who are skilled in their craft can easily accomplish this apparently difficult task. All you need to do is determine a suitable location for the green wall. Do you want to grow a vertical garden indoors in the living room or would you prefer to grow outdoors in the garden? Both would also be possible. A couple of plastic boxes can be stacked and then filled with soil. Then you can plant small seedlings there. Choose robust plants that are typical for your region and that thrive in the local climatic conditions. The vertical garden will be easier for you with resistant plant varieties. It is well known that these green plants are good at storing moisture. However, a suitable irrigation system would be essential. Get advice from professional gardeners so that you get everything right.

vertikaler Garten drinnen Küche

If you have a green thumb, you can create everything yourself.

Vertikaler Garten draußen Veranda

Even on hot summer days you can enjoy the freshness of your green wall outside.

Vertikaler Garten Esszimmer deko ideen

A vertical garden in the interior that introduces color and freshness into the interior

A vertical garden shouldn’t necessarily be completely green. To introduce some color to the project, you need to choose brightly colored plants and plant them between green varieties. In a few weeks you can enjoy a real sea of ​​colors. In addition to its undisputed aesthetic function, a vertical garden also has some purely practical advantages. It cleans the room air, creates a better and more attractive room climate and ensures the right humidity in the room or outside on the terrace.

Conclusion: A vertical garden is not only a pleasure for the eyes and soul, it helps us to live close to nature and in an environmentally conscious way.

Vertikaler Garten grüne Wand Wohnraum

A wonderful arrangement on the wall for the relaxation zone at home

Grüne Wand Ideen

You can create the vertical garden long after a wall on the terrace and it offers you not only freshness, but also proper privacy protection.

Vertikale Gärten drinnen und draußen

In some places your garden fence can be completely green, right?

schöner vertikaler garten ideen

You can try a simple dozen flower pot construction first, where you can also grow herbs

vertikalen garten gestalten

Climbing plants like ivy, for example, are ideal for vertical gardens both indoors and outdoors

vertikaler Garten Hausfassade Gartenhaus ideen

Freshen up the facade of your garden shed and make it really alluring

Vertikale Gärten und grüne Wände ideen

Every greenery in the big city is very popular with young and old

Kleiner Topfgarten lila Holzwand vertikaler Garten grün lila

Small potted garden comes into its own on the purple painted wooden wall

Grün vertikaler Garten Kräuterwand

Immerse yourself in the green of your garden and forget your everyday worries

vertikaler Garten schönste Dekoration

A vertical garden is the most beautiful decoration for the fence

vertikale Gärten für Ihr Zuhause

Here you can grow different types of lettuce

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