How do I write a review of a play?

How do I write a review of a play?

The structure of a good reviewName the title/topic/publisher/date of publication/author/literature epoch.Briefly name the most important people in the plot and describe them in 3-4 sentences.Central elements or the addressees and target group of the work.Name the central intention of the author .

How does a literary critic work?

A literary critic is an observer of the literary scene who usually works as a journalist for the feuilleton and who primarily analyses, evaluates and reports on new publications on the book market.

What is literary criticism?

a. for writing a monographic or essay-like treatise, for example about an author’s complete works. More often, however, the formulation refers to the literary criticism that only appreciates a literary work, which is also called literary review, book review, book review and book criticism.

How do you write a good book review?

How to write a good review?Introduction and summary. Here you briefly summarize the story in your own words. Your opinion. This is the most important and detailed part. Conclusion. At the end, summarize your opinion in a few sentences.

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