How do you quote a chapter from a book?

How do you quote a chapter from a book?

How do you quote a chapter from a book? Authors of the book chapter: surname and initials of the authors, with up to seven authors with an ‘&’ in between. Year of publication: Enter the year in round brackets. Title of the book chapter : Enter the title in italics. Other entries …

What does EBD mean when citing?

or ibid. (= ibid., ibid. – means that the quote is on the same page as the previous quote) and loc was called).

When is the EBD and when the AAO?

If a source is used two or more times in a row, please only write “aaO” the second time (which means “at the specified location”). If the second occurrence has exactly the same page number, then – and only then! – you may “ibid. ”(Which means“ ibid ”).

Where is the place there?

If a proof refers to exactly the same place as a previous one, ibid. Stands alone. If a reference refers to a different place from the same work as the previous one, ibid. Together with the page number of the place, e.g.

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