How do you quote a verbatim speech?

How do you quote a verbatim speech?

Quoting verbatimIf you quote a passage verbatim, you must copy it letter for letter.Put the quotation in quotation marks.Enter the page or line (or verse) in brackets.The sentence ends after the page or line reference.

What is direct speech?

Direct speech (Latin oratio recta, oratio directa) is a grammatical element in a language in which a speech or thought is reproduced verbatim. In writing, the speech is placed in quotation marks. In addition to direct speech, there is indirect speech and experienced speech.

Where does the footnote go?

In the case of direct quotations, there is a footnote after the quotation marks. If it is a whole sentence that ends with a punctuation mark, this is adopted and the footnote comes after the quotation marks without any further punctuation marks. In the case of paraphrases, the footnote comes after the respective punctuation mark.

What is in a bibliography?

The bibliography contains all the sources that you have used in your scientific work. These are listed one below the other and in alphabetical order. The bibliography contains: all sources that have been cited or paraphrased in the text (including figures and tables)

What does a correct reference look like?

For the information you usually need the first name and surname of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the page. The source of a book according to the German citation method looks like this: ┬╣First name, surname, title of the work. Place: Publisher year, page.

What is the difference between sources and bibliography?

However, a bibliography is limited here to the works, the editors, the year of publication and the creator of the title. The bibliography goes one number further. In addition to the information mentioned, the pages in which reference was made to the corresponding work are also listed here.

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