How do you search for secondary literature?

How do you search for secondary literature?

The literature research, or: where can I find secondary literature? The most important contact points for your literature search are not popular search engines like Google, but the digital library catalog of your university, called OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).

What is primary literature?

Primary literature: This means first-hand information. These can be the results of scientific work and research. Secondary literature: Here the publication is no longer from a single source, but created on the basis of the primary literature.

What does primary or secondary mean?

In the simplest case, primary storage is defined as the storage that is used to host critical systems and data, while secondary storage is the storage that hosts all other data that needs to be recovered to fully recover the environment after a major failure do.

What is secondary

Secondary stands for: subordinate, subsequent, unimportant, see ordinal number. For a description of the position of a functional group in a molecule, see secondary (chemistry) below, as a result of another disease or damage, see secondary disease.

What is primary and secondary wound healing?

In wound healing, a distinction can be made between primary wound healing (sanatio per primary intention) and secondary wound healing (sanatio per secondary intention). Primary wound healing usually occurs with aseptic wounds or fresh injuries.

What is a secondary wound?

Wound healing processes become more complex when it comes to large, gaping and particularly deep wounds. Significant tissue loss is characteristic of this type of wound. In these cases the edges of the wound cannot grow together directly.

How long does secondary wound healing take?

Since the secondary wound healing can take several weeks to months, the wound is very susceptible to infection.

What is a primary?

Primary (first, primarily, first available, initially, from the beginning, originally, primarily, in a preferred way) stands for: important, mainly, first-rate, original, see ordinal number. Primary (chemistry) Primary disease, a first independent disease.

Which measures belong to primary prevention?

Primary prevention Objective: To prevent the recurrence of a disease. Examples. Vaccination. , also post-exposure vaccination, if indicated (e.g. for hepatitis B., rabies.) Measures to change lifestyle (e.g. smoking, eating habits, dental care)

What does activate as your primary ps4 mean?

You can automatically download your pre-ordered content for the PS4 ™ system and content purchased in the (PlayStation App). You can connect to your PS4 ™ system over the Internet using Remote Play on another device.

What is the tertiary?

The Tertiary was a geological age in the rank of a system (or a period) that comprised the older and much longer section of the Cenozoic (the New Earth Era). The term tertiary should no longer be used within the official geological time scale.

What does tertiary education mean?

The tertiary education area comprises the area in the education system of a state which, based on a completed secondary education, provides higher education or prepares for higher professional positions.

What is a tertiary degree?

The tertiary level includes studies at universities (universities, ETHZ, EPFL, universities of applied sciences, universities of teacher education) as well as the vocational, non-university area in higher vocational education (higher technical schools, federal professional examinations and higher technical examinations).

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