How do you start a justification?

How do you start a justification?

Justify opinions In a justifying letter, i.e. a statement, you give your opinion (your own point of view) on a topic (issue) in writing. It is important that other people understand your point of view. But how can others best understand your opinion?

What do you get into a discussion?

A discussion is an opinion on a topic or an open question. It is therefore a written form of the argument. Think about the topic and weigh up the reasons and counter-reasons. Try to substantiate and illustrate your train of thought with examples. 7 days ago

What is a thesis in a discussion?

A thesis is an assertion. The thesis is set up to introduce an argument and is considered the starting point for such. It is therefore the basis of a scientific work and must be proven with valid means.

Why should one be able to argue well?

Arguing is important, whether verbally or in writing. Because arguing always means convincing your counterpart that your own view is meaningful and plausible. So one gives both arguments and evidence for a thesis as well as against it.

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