How do you write a short review?

How do you write a short review?

How to write a good review?Introduction and summary. Here you briefly summarize the story in your own words. Your opinion. This is the most important and detailed part. Conclusion. At the end, summarize your opinion in a few sentences.

Are Google reviews anonymous?

Unfortunately, the answer is that Google My Business reviews are only available through a Google account. You must be logged in to Google to post a review. It is not possible to submit reviews anonymously.

How do you rate someone on Google?

How do you rate a business on Google? Sign in with your Google account. Search for the company you want to review. Click on “Write a review” below the company information. Click on the white stars to give your rating from one to five stars.

How can I rate a company?

Go to the Trustpilot website, click Sign in in the top right and log in to your user profile. Enter the name of the business you want to rate and click See All Results. Then click on the company in question to go to their profile page.

Am I anonymous with kununu?

Yes, participating in kununu is absolutely anonymous and protecting your data is one of our top principles. Anonymity must not be used to spread false or offensive content.

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