What certificates if you are over 50?

What certificates if you are over 50?

One or two job references, important job-related qualifications from computer or English courses, driver’s license. School reports are no longer necessary, especially for applicants from the age group 50 plus.

When to apply for dual study 2020?

For example, if you are going to do your Abitur in 2021 and would like to study in the same year, then you have to apply for the dual study places from mid-2020.

How and when do I apply to a university?

For courses with restricted admission, you must apply for a place, either directly at the university or via – i.e. via the website of the Foundation for University Admissions (SfH). That depends on the respective course of study and the requirements of the university.

How do you apply to study law?

The application itself is usually made both via the Internet and by post. You can apply online for certain application periods (usually between June and August) using the form provided on the universities’ websites.

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