How do you write a verdict?

How do you write a verdict?

The objective judgment is (as the name suggests) objective, ie without any reference to personal/modern values. It is important to write from that point in time. You should always try to empathize with all (affected) pages and views.

How do you write an outside source critique?

How to write a source criticism This includes the time of origin, the place of origin, the author of the source and the addressee of the source. You should attach the original copy here. You should also mention the material of the source, such as parchment, paper, ink, and writing, in the external source critique.

What is outside source criticism?

External source criticism refers to the physical form of the source: manner of production, which can be helpful in determining place and time of origin, choice of material, flow of text, wording and style, as well as location, state of preservation and other aspects of the transmission context, finally the…

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