When to use a space with a slash?

When to use a space with a slash?

DIN 5008 regulates the slash as a word character for “and”, “or”, “or”. When summarizing word groups, a space may also be written before and after the slash (example: “end of January / beginning of February”).

How do you write spaces?

You create the non-breaking space under Windows with the key combination [strg] + [Shift] + [Leertaste], on Mac with [alt] + [Leertaste].

What is the space?

The space character (also space, space, esp. Swiss space, English space [speɪs], blank [ blæŋk]) is used to delimit words or other information within a text.

Is a space a special character?

Some of the special characters also include non-printing characters that serve as a guide when designing a print template, such as spaces, sometimes not. In some cases, digits are also counted as special characters.

Is a space a punctuation mark?

The space ( ) appears between two words and after various punctuation marks such as a period or comma. The hyphen or hyphen is used to separate a word at line breaks or to form compound words. The apostrophe (‚) is an ellipsis.

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