How do you write numbers in scientific papers?

How do you write numbers in scientific papers?

Summary: Numbers in scientific papersYou can write out numbers in general, with digits starting at 13 being often used. You have to use numbers in connection with abbreviations. When making comparisons, you should always use numbers. Thousands are not separated by a period. Further entries … •

What happens if the bachelor thesis is submitted too late?

File an objection and dispute the grade of the bachelor thesis. Together with the notification of the failure, the student also receives information on legal remedies. Within a month it is possible to object to the judgment or even to file a lawsuit.

How long do you have time for the master’s thesis?

Then your working hours will of course be extended. As a rule of thumb, around six months or a full semester apply to the preparation of the master’s thesis. You should plan around six to eight weeks for just writing your master’s thesis after the practical part.

How long does it take to correct my master’s thesis?

Tobias Rossmann: “’Corrections are usually made within four weeks’ – that is, usually, unless there is an exception – ‘but no later than eight weeks after submission’. That said, this is a must. So the work must be corrected after eight weeks at the latest. “

How long to wait for a bachelor’s degree?

After your thesis has been corrected and the grade has been determined, it often takes 2-4 weeks for the grade to be accepted by the examination office. A certain amount of patience is therefore required here. However, such a correction should not take 6-8 months, which students often do again.

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