How heavy can a letter be for 155?

How heavy can a letter be for 155?

Length up to 35.3 cm, width up to 25 cm, height up to 2 cm (e.g. envelopes up to DIN B4). Weight up to 500 g.

How heavy is a letter?

A standard letter for currently 70 cents may weigh a maximum of 20 grams. If you do not have scales, use DIN A4 pages as a guide: You can put a total of three normal DIN A4 pages in a standard letter without exceeding the maximum weight.

How heavy can a 95 cent letter be?

Here you will find mint postage stamps with 95 ct postage value for compact letters. The most important shipping terms for the compact letter: length up to 23.5 cm, width up to 12.5 cm, height up to 1 cm (e.g. DIN long or C6 / 5 envelope). Weight up to 50 g.

How big can a letter for 80 cents be?

Length up to 23.5 cm, width up to 12.5 cm, height up to 0.5 cm (e.g. DIN long or C6 / 5 envelope). Weight up to 20 g.

How big can a 70 cent letter be?

The standard letter This costs 70 cents and can weigh up to 20 grams. With normal page thickness, that’s three A4 pages. The length of the standard letter must be between 14 and 23.5 centimeters, the width between 9 and 12.5.

What dimensions can a maxi letter have?

LetterFormatsPricesDimensionsCompact € 0.95 1) Print stamp 2) L: 10 – 23.5 cm3) W: 7 – 12.5 cm H: up to 1 cm only rectangular shapeLarge € 1.55 1) Print stamp 2) L: 10 – 35.3 cm W: 7 – 25 cm H: up to 2 cm square shape possible Maxi € 2.70 1) Print stamp 2) L: 10 – 35.3 cm W: 7 – 25 cm H: up to 5 cm square shape possible 1 more row

How much does a maxi letter with DHL cost?

Letter postage and postcard postage in GermanyProduct price in € * Weight Standard *** 0.80 € Print stamps **** up to 20 gCompact0.95 € Print stamps **** up to 50 gLarge 1.55 € Print stamps **** up to 500 gMaxi € 2.70 Print stamp **** up to 1,000 g2

How big can a mailer be?

A maxi letter can be a maximum of 25 x 35.3 cm. The minimum size is 7 x 10 cm. The thickness of the maxi letter is also limited: the letter may be a maximum of 5 cm high. The weight of a maxi letter is limited to 1,000 grams.

What dimensions can a consignment have?

Book and consignment in detailProductDimensions and weightBook and consignment 500 buy brand * Length: up to 35.3 cm width: up to 25 cm height: up to 5 cm Weight: 500 gBuy books and consignment 1000 brand * Length: up to 35.3 cm width: up to 25 cm high: up to 5 cm weight 1,000 g

What can be sent in a bubble envelope?

Anything that is not made of paper or cardboard, for example cards made of wood or fabric, must be sent in a bubble envelope or a sturdy mailer as a large letter. What is not firmly glued, such. B. Sticky notes and post-its, do not belong on the envelope.

What can I put in a mailer?

Paper mailers are ideal for: documents, brochures and sheet music. Booklets and flat folders. Light clothing such as gloves, T-shirts and scarves.

What can be sent as a consignment of goods?

As a GOODS SHIPMENT, you can send samples, samples or objects of all kinds that are to be regarded as goods by their nature and are up to 15 cm high and 1,000 g in weight.

What can I send in large letters?

What can you put in a large letter? You can send up to 95 A4 sheets of paper in a large letter. Companies use large letters to send advertising brochures or catalogs to consumers. With this shipping method, they can send papers up to a total weight of 500g inexpensively for 1.55 euros.

Send goods in a letter?

Since January 1, 2019, goods can no longer be sent abroad in standard Deutsche Post letters. Only documents are allowed in international letters. Books are considered goods.

What cannot be sent by post?

The following items may not be sent: explosive, highly flammable or radioactive substances, medical test items and dangerous goods that are not permitted under the International Letterhead Terms and Conditions.

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