When is the bachelor’s degree completed?

When is the bachelor’s degree completed?

The course is completed when the last assessment has been announced via PULS or the study office / examination office. The date of the “determination of the overall result” is considered the date of graduation. This date is also indicated on the certificate and the certificate.

How many credits do you need for the Bachelor’s degree?

The bachelor’s degree usually lasts six semesters, but seven to eight semesters are also possible, especially for dual courses. As a rule, you complete your bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS. This means that you have to achieve an average of 30 credit points per semester.

How long can you study without being de-registered?

Anyone who does not submit a bachelor’s thesis after twice the standard period of study will be assessed as a failed attempt in the examination. But until then you can study undisturbed for almost six years.

How many credits should you have per semester?

So if you want to complete your studies in the allotted time, you should achieve 30 credit points per semester. This corresponds to a workload of up to 900 hours per semester. As a rule, you have to reckon with a workload of up to 40 hours a week during the lecture period.

How much is 30 ECTS per semester?

* 30 ECTS = 750 hours

How many credit points do you need for BAfög?

Bachelor and master courses are usually structured in such a way that 30 credit points are achieved in each semester. After the fourth semester, you should theoretically have 120 credit points together.

How many ECTS does the Bachelor thesis bring?

The bachelor thesis is often the first major thesis that students have to write. The bachelor thesis is remunerated with at least 6 ECTS up to a maximum of 12 ECTS (a total of 180 ECTS are required for the bachelor’s degree).

Who fills in Form 5 BAfög?

You will receive the BAföG performance certificate from your university. The university secretariat is usually responsible for this. This fills out form 5 for you and you can then send it together with your BAföG follow-up application to your responsible BAföG office.

When does BAfög proof of achievement?

The most frequently asked questions about proof of achievement How many ECTS do I need for the BAföG proof of achievement? Usually the department determines how many ECTS are required after four semesters. In the fourth month of the fifth semester at the latest, proof of performance must be provided by the end of the fourth semester.

What is a certificate of achievement in the university?

A verifiable proof of achievement is a printout of your academic achievements that can be verified via a university portal. You can generate the performance record yourself using the FlexNow online examination system (under performance records).

When do I get ECTS points?

One ECTS point stands for 25 real hours of 60 minutes each of actual workload for the student. The workload of one academic year is measured for a full-time student with 60 ECTS points. This corresponds to an actual workload of approx.

Can BAfög be canceled?

But that does not mean that students at other training institutions can do what they want. If there are many unexcused absenteeism and multiple risk of being transferred, the BAföG office can also cancel the funding for you.

What to do if the BAfög is canceled?

If you are basically not entitled to BAföG (any more), you may be able to receive housing benefit. Basic security benefits (ALG II / social benefits) are only available to students in exceptional cases, e.

What can you do if you don’t get BAfög?

Every student who is not eligible for BAföG has the right to apply for housing benefit. The application is not quite as time-consuming as the BAföG application. Housing benefit is independent of parent income. The assessment basis is your own income and expenses.

Can I get BAfög a second time?

No, you cannot get BAföG a second time. Funding from the BAföG office is usually only intended for your initial training.

Is it possible to do a second apprenticeship?

You can do as much training as you want. But if you do a second, you only have the training money you get and you don’t earn more money straight away. If you feel like it and find suitable apprenticeships, you can do as many apprenticeships as you want.

Will the second training be paid for?

In the case of a second vocational training, the parents are generally not obliged to pay maintenance if it is a completely new training. Something different applies if the second training is a further education.

How often can you apply for a master certificate?

You can’t get a “Master Student Loan” a second time. Only if the advanced training / advanced training has a higher status than the course that has already been completed. That means if you have made, for example, an industrial foreman in metal and now you are an industrial foreman in electrical engineering, you won’t get anything.

How much money can you own if you apply for a master certificate?

There is an additional allowance for assets: So far, it has only been credited to the advancement BAföG from an amount of 45,000 euros. This tax exemption increases for married people and for each child by 2,100 euros. From the 1st

When do I have to apply for a BAfög?

What requirements do you need in order to get the advancement BAföG? You must have a professional qualification or a comparable qualification with professional experience on a regular basis. must be higher than the professional qualification you already have.

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