How important are job references when applying?

How important are job references when applying?

Many employees believe that the job reference is important for the new employer. The current study Job Trends 2017 actually shows that references are important for 72 percent of the HR professionals surveyed, even slightly more important than the cover letter.

Which job references in the application?

The last job reference you received is an essential part of your application. In addition, you should also enclose all employment references that are less than 10 years old. If you intend to change from a permanent position, you will usually not have a diploma.

Are job references mandatory?

A job reference only has to be issued if the employee requests it. However, when a vocational training relationship is terminated, the employer is always obliged to issue the certificate. The trainee does not have to ask for this first.

Who is entitled to a job reference?

Every employee has the right to a simple job reference at the time of leaving the company. The right to a qualified job reference also exists, but the employee must request it. In both cases it is important that the certificate is dated to the last working day.

How do I know that my job reference is good?

The evaluation can be roughly divided into four school grades: Very good: always / always to our complete satisfaction; Exceeded our expectations at all times; very good in every way; … Good: always to our full satisfaction; were always good; … Satisfactory: to our complete satisfaction.

How good should a job reference be?

Every employee in Germany is entitled to a job reference as soon as his or her job ends. According to a ruling by the Federal Labor Court, job references must now be at least “satisfactory” (certificate code: “to full satisfaction”) (BAG ruling, 9 AZR 584/13).

What is the grade of my job reference?

Grade 1: “always to the fullest satisfaction” Grade 2: “to the fullest / always to the full satisfaction” Grade 3: “to the full satisfaction” Grade 4: “to the satisfaction”

What grade does a job reference have to have?

According to the labor court, nowadays the grade “good” must be regarded as average, because nowadays job references allegedly contain more than 80 percent a grade “very good” or “good”, ie an only satisfactory performance assessment has become a rare exception.

Can you ask for a good job reference?

With average performance, an employee is only entitled to the grade “satisfactory” (“to full satisfaction”). An employee can only demand a better performance evaluation if, in the event of a dispute, he can prove that he has actually performed better.

How does a job reference have to be written?

The certificate must contain at least information on the type and duration of the activity (simple certificate). The employee can request that the information also extends to performance and behavior in the employment relationship (qualified certificate). (2) The certificate must be formulated in a clear and understandable manner.

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