How Is Academic And Spiritual Growth Tied

The connection between academic growth and spiritual development is not always clear, and this is especially true in college settings. For example, students may not be exposed to as many things in college as they might if they were at home. Many colleges offer great programs. However, some colleges might not appeal to students from certain groups. There are many ways academic growth and spiritual growth can be linked.

The authors of a new book, Cultivating the Spirit, explain that a religious commitment can improve students’ scholastic performance. The authors of the book suggest that academic success is directly related to a strong spiritual commitment. The authors also note that students who attend religious services are more successful than those who don’t. The authors of the book suggest that these two areas of study may even boost one another.

To ensure your child’s success in school and life, academics are important. However, intellectual abilities alone cannot guarantee success in school or life. Spiritual formation is equally important. The Venn diagram of success shows how both areas are important and how they interact as a child grows. Spiritual development is also important and cannot be overemphasized. In fact, academic excellence and spiritual formation go hand in hand as a child grows.

In the study, students rate the effectiveness of their school on 15 different areas of personal growth, ranging from concern for social justice to self-discipline and focus. Trust in God and the ability live out one’s faith every day were the two areas that were rated the most effective in school. The ability to pray is ranked 15th in the list, and the ability to trust in God.

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