How is an argument structured?

How is an argument structured?

An argument has three parts: a claim, a reason, and an example. Assertion made. Islamic instruction should be introduced in German schools, … claims.

What is a 5 sentence?

The five-sentence method is a method derived from the rhetoric of antiquity for structuring / formulating oral speech in a way that is appropriate for the addressee. The five-sentence method can be used profitably, especially where people need to be convinced.

What is a line of reasoning?

This chain of arguments consists of statements that are logically built on one another, all of which support the assertion. The easiest way to develop a chain of arguments is to use “why” questions. This means that after every statement made, one asks oneself why this (previous) statement is correct.

What is a position speech?

In a position speech, you inform the audience (e.g. your classmates) about your opinion on a certain issue or problem in a short speech.

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