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Children’s room interior design ideas that inspire young and old

It is well known that the children’s room is the realm of our dear little ones. That is why we try to design this room in such a way that you feel comfortable there and have enough space to sleep, play and study. That is why matching furniture and small but important home accessories in the children’s room are absolute must-haves. The furniture must also offer enough storage space so that toys and other possible stuff can be stowed there. In addition, the color design in this room is of prime importance, because it expresses the personality, style and character of its residents very well. According to scientific research, some colors even promote children’s development and can have a very positive effect on them. In our picture gallery we have wonderful examples and great ideas for children’s room design. Do we want to watch these together?

Kinderschlafbett am Fenster Schreibtisch

The children’s room has to be simple but practical.

If you are planning on furnishing a children’s room, you need to find suitable furniture for this room in advance. It depends, of course, on how big the nursery itself is and whether you want to furnish it for a boy, a girl or for twins. At the moment there are beautiful furniture especially for the children’s room in the big furniture stores, so that everyone can easily find it. But before buying furniture, consider what your child currently needs and possibly choose furniture that will grow with your little one. Modern modular systems give you the opportunity to redesign the children’s room every few years, depending on the needs of your little ones, without buying new furniture.

Sehr ansprechendes Kinderzimmer moderne gestaltet simpel und praktisch im Design

Furniture is the be-all and end-all of children’s room design.

– Choose suitable furniture for the children’s room

The be-all and end-all of any children’s room design is the cot. It has to be very comfortable, because a good night’s sleep is particularly important for the little ones. Set up a sleeping corner for your little one, but also plan a place to play. Toddlers like to do this and can be busy with their toys for a long time. Schoolchildren, on the other hand, need a desk, a comfortable chair in front of it and bookshelves next to it. If you have twins, you need to have it all double and properly place furniture and accessories in the room so that the nursery doesn’t look crowded. The practical room design guarantees you the best order in your room for the next few years.

Kinderzimmer für Zwillinge übersichtlich eingerichtet gute Ordnung im Zimmer

The children’s room for twins must be arranged in a clear manner.

Kinderzimmer für Ordnung im Zimmer

  • Do not underestimate the role of colors in the nursery

A children’s room for boys is often designed in blue, for girls, on the other hand, in pink. This polarity does not necessarily have to be. There are great other shades that also fit perfectly into the nursery. For example, we mean the basic color white, a combination of sky blue and navy blue, light pastel shades of green, purple or yellow. Make sure to add a few color accents to make the children’s room more interesting. Great highlights are still pictures of animals on the wall, floral motifs on wallpaper, bedding or carpets. World maps arouse the curiosity of the little ones to explore the wide world and to get to know it better. Children can be taught this interest at an early age. Anything that the little ones are enthusiastic about is welcome in their room.

Now scroll down and let yourself be inspired by our great children’s room design ideas for the space of your little treasures. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

Spielecke im Kinderzimmer ansprechende Farben viel natürliches Licht

As parents, you need to plan a cozy play area for your little ones in advance.

Zelt Spielecke im Kinderzimmer viel Spaß für kleine Schätze

Kinderzimmer gestalten Doppelbett für Zwillinge Platz zum Spielen Spielsachen

Kinderzimmer gestalten Spielecke für Teenies Musikinstrumente Weltkarte an der Wand

Set up a play area for your teenagers.

Kinderzimmer gestalten einfaches Design Schlafbett Spielzeug Schlaginstrumente Musik machen

If you want to become a master, you practice early.

Kinderzimmer simples Raumdesign gute Staumöglichkeiten Wandregal Korb

Children’s room simple room design good storage options wall shelf basket

Kinderzimmer schöne Gardine mit Tiermotiven Akzent gelber Stuhl graue Möbel

Kinderzimmer roter Fensterrahmen andere rote Akzente peppen das Interieur auf

Babyzimmer Wiege Interieur in Rosa Vögel an der Wand

Kinderzimmer in Himmelblau Bilder an der Wand Bücherregal Teppich

Kinderzimmer Schlafbetten für drei ein Nachttisch Retro Stil

bunt gestaltetes Kinderzimmer Schlafbett Teppich blaue Gardine

gestreifte Wandtapete im Kinderzimmer starke Farben machen gute Laune

Wandtapete florale Muster großes Schlafbett Kinderzimmer in Blau

schöne Wandtapete großes Schlafbett Kinderzimmer in Blau

gestreifte Decke in Weiß und Weinrot wie im Zirkus Kinderzimmer

gestreifte Tapete weiß rot Weltkarte an der Wand Schlafbett Kinderzimmer

Kinderzimmer Schreibtisch Stuhl viel Licht Staumöglichkeiten Wandregal

etwas überladen wirkt die Wand gestreifte Tapete zu viele Bilder Kinderzimmer

Kinderzimmer für Geschwister oder Zwillinge Schlafbetten unter der Schräge Dachboden

Kinderzimmer einfache Gestaltung zarte Farben sehr ansprechend

Kinderzimmer kleine Sitzecke am Fenster hohe Kommode

Kinderzimmer hell Schlafbett getrennt durch weiße Gardinen Sessel Kuhfellteppich

Kinderzimmer gestalten für Geschwister Platz unter Schräge clever nutzen

Retro Wiege romantisch gestaltete Ecke Kinderzimmer

Sitzecke Kinderzimmer kleines Sofa Wandregal Spielsachen

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