How long do you write a doctoral thesis? How long do you write a doctoral thesis?

How long does one write on a doctoral thesis?

According to the doctoral regulations of many universities, a dissertation should be written within three years. However, this time span is no more than a rough guide and is exceeded in most cases.

What does a PhD engineer earn?

According to the remuneration analyst PersonalMarkt, the annual starting salary of a doctorate engineer is around 62,760 euros gross, while his colleague without a doctorate starts with an average of 47,220 euros.

What does a Dr Ing in Mechanical Engineering earn?

Dependency of the mechanical engineer salary on the federal state: Federal state Gross salary (month) Gross salary (year) Bavaria4,895 EUR58,740 EURBerlin4,232 EUR50,784 EURBrandenburg3,468 EUR41,616 EURBremen4,866 EUR58,392 EUR12 •

How much do you earn as an automotive engineer?

Salary automotive engineering regionQ1ØBayern4,545 € 5,199 € Berlin4,504 € 5,084 € Brandenburg3,799 € 4,287 € Bremen4,605 ​​€ 5,198 € 13

What does a mechanical engineer earn?

Salary designer – mechanical engineering region1. Quartile mean value Bavaria € 3,142 € 3,578 Berlin € 3,281 € 3,565 Brandenburg € 2,231 € 2,607 Bremen € 3,127 € 3,654 € 13

How much does an engineer earn at Bosch?

As an engineer, you can expect a starting salary of up to 64,000 euros at Robert Bosch.

How much does a department manager at Bosch earn?

The typical salary for a department manager at Robert Bosch is € 119,330.

How much do you earn at Bosch?

As a project manager at Bosch, you earn around 68,750 euros a year and a senior manager receives an average of 101,667 euros a year. The annual salary of a product manager is around 73,333 euros and a director earns around 128,333 euros a year.

What do you earn as a technician at Bosch?

Technician salaries at Bosch Rexroth can range from € 76,483- € 83,286.

How much does an industrial mechanic at Bosch earn?

Total remuneration avg. Additional remuneration avg. The typical salary for an industrial mechanic at Robert Bosch is € 62,470. Industrial Mechanic salaries at Robert Bosch can range from € 55,953- € 99,906.

What does a Vice President at Bosch earn?

The typical salary for a Vice President at Robert Bosch is € 142,389. Vice President salaries at Robert Bosch can range from € 116,763- € 151,878.

How much do you earn in training at Bosch?

In order to cope with all these different projects, Bosch trains in 30 different areas every year… .Bosch apprenticeship salary.1. Apprenticeship year7952. Training year8193. Year of apprenticeship8614. Apprenticeship year916

What does the Bosch company do?

Robert Bosch GmbH is a German company founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch with legal headquarters in Stuttgart and head office in Gerlingen.Among other things, it operates as an automotive supplier, a manufacturer of industrial technology (Rexroth), consumer goods (power tools, household appliances) and …

How much do you earn at Siemens?

Based on 1990 salary information, the average salary at Siemens AG is between € 12,900 for the position “apprentice” and € 142,200 for the position “CEO”. Salary satisfaction is 4 out of 5, which is 21% above the industry average.

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