Which country had which colonies?

Which country had which colonies?

colonial powers. The first colonies were conquered by the great seafaring nations of Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands. Germany, which was not one of the great seafaring nations, had few colonies in Africa and Asia for a short time (until the end of the First World War).

How did the colonization of India come about?

) refers to the British colonial empire on the Indian subcontinent in the narrower sense between the 18th and 18th centuries. British India was founded after the Indian rebellion of 1857 was suppressed by converting the previous possessions of the British East India Company into a crown colony.

Why was India so important to England?

India has always been a special possession in British eyes. This special position was partly due to the fact that it was so different from other settlement colonies. With India, the British became one of the greatest powers in the East, they exploited the Indians and promoted British trade with them.

When did India come into existence?

August 15, 1947

Why was India divided?

The partition of India is understood to mean the division of the former British India due to religious and ethnic disputes, which finally led to the establishment of two independent states on August 14, 1947: Pakistan and India.

How did Pakistan come about?

The state of Pakistan was formed in 1947 from the Muslim-majority parts of British India, while the Hindu- or other-majority areas and most of predominantly Muslim Kashmir were merged into present-day India. Today, Pakistan is plagued by chronic instability.

Were Pakistan and India one country?

The end of British colonial rule in August 1947 sealed the division of the Indian subcontinent into the independent states of India and Pakistan. For more than ten million people on both sides of the new border, this meant resettlement, flight and expulsion.

When did Pakistan come into existence?

August 14, 1947

What does the name Pakistan mean?

The origins of the name “Pakistan” are disputed. In Urdu it means “land of the pure” (pak: pure; stan: land). However, it is also conceivable that “Pakistan” is an acronym composed of the names of the provinces of the time – Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Indus Sind and Balochistan.

What does Pakistan produce?

In addition to mining, Pakistan produces textiles, building materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, steel products and vehicle parts in particular. The textile industry in particular manufactures for export, with the USA, followed by China and Great Britain, being the main buyers.

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