How long does it take for the university to reply?

How long does it take for the university to reply?

Notifications for higher semesters For degree programs with an application deadline of January 15th, you can expect notifications from the end of February. For degree programs with an application deadline of July 15th, you can expect a notification from mid-September.

By when do you have to accept a university?

There is usually no specific information on this, because the examination of the applications received can take different amounts of time. You can expect that by the end of the application period on July 15, it will take about two weeks to process. From the beginning of August you can count on the notifications.

How many applications do you have to write for a dual study program?

There is no upper limit: “Especially if your grades are not outstanding, it can be worth sending out up to 20 applications,” recommend the authors of the guide.

Which studies in 2020?

The most popular courses.RankMost popular courses – menCareer prospects1Business administrationMore about this2Mechanical engineeringTo the jobs3Computer scienceTo the jobs4Electrical engineeringMore about this1 more row

Which studies have a future?

Examples of digital degree programs are: Digital Media.Crossmedia Management.Business Administration – Digital Economy.E-Commerce.E-Commerce and Digital Retail Management.Digitization & Sustainability.Industry 4.0.Software Engineering.

Which courses are studied the most?

We have summarized the top 10 of the most popular subjects in the country for you: Economics: Economics/Business Administration. law English / American Studies. Pedagogy. German philology. Architecture. Story. Biology.

Which courses are overflowing?

The 10 rarest majorsApplied sexology. Brewing and Beverage Technology. Criminology/Criminology. Frisian Studies/Frisian Philology. Space Masters. Cosmetic Science/Cosmetology. Sorbian Studies. Applied Leisure Studies.

Which courses are needed?

The 10 most popular courses in GermanyBusiness administration.Mechanical engineering.Computer science.Electrical engineering.Law.Industrial engineering.Economics.Medicine.

What courses are there in Germany?

Agricultural and forestry sciences. Social sciences.

How many women study?

The proportion of women among students at universities in Germany was 48.9 percent in 2018.

What are the most popular courses in Germany?

business administration It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man: Business administration has been by far the most popular subject in Germany for many years. Mechanical engineering. Medicine. computer science. Law. Industrial engineering. Pedagogy / educational sciences.

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