How many countries have English as an official language?

How many countries have English as an official language?

English is the official language in 38 countries and is spoken as a mother tongue by part of the population in a further 19 countries. The English language has its roots in the Indo-European language family.

Why is English spoken in the USA and not German?

The rumor arose around 1840 and was widely spread by Franz von Löher’s book History and Conditions of the Germans in America, published in 1847. Löher describes that in a vote on whether German should become the official language in Pennsylvania, the votes fell immediately.

Why isn’t German spoken in the USA?

When the USA entered World War I in 1917, a strongly anti-German attitude quickly developed in the American public. German-Americans, especially immigrants, were accused of siding with the German Reich. Speaking German was considered unpatriotic.

Where does the American language come from?

Throughout its history, American English has been influenced by the different English dialects spoken by its immigrants from England, Scotland and Ireland, but also by language contacts with French, Spanish and Native Americans.

Why is English spoken in the US?

Where does American English come from? Therefore, English was spoken particularly frequently here. Before the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783, the United States had no official language and the various populations spoke their own native language.

Is American a language?

American language means: American English, the form of the English language spoken mostly in the United States of America. Indigenous American languages, the languages ​​of the Native Americans. languages ​​in the United States.

Is German spoken in the USA?

Century German was one of the most commonly spoken languages ​​in the United States. Therefore, this legend is not so debatable. In fact, there is still no official language in the USA.

Where is German spoken in the world?

Around 130 million people worldwide speak German as their mother tongue. In the European Union, German is the most widely spoken mother tongue and is the official language in five countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

How much does health insurance cost in the US?

The cost of health insurance in the US is relatively high. Even with the best history of illness, private tariffs are not available for less than 250 to 300 US dollars per month.

How is health insurance in the US?

Unlike in Germany, there is no uniform state health system in the USA, but various private and state providers. A milestone for the American health care system was the health care reform called Obamacare from 2010, as it completely reorganized access to health insurance.

Why is the American healthcare system so expensive?

Because Medicare, Medicaid and the US veterans authorities negotiate favorable discounts, the bill for the high health care costs is mainly paid by the employer-financed family health insurance plans: They recently spent an average of US$ 18,764 per household.

How much does an appendectomy cost in the US?

While an appendectomy in Germany only costs around 5,000 euros, it can cost up to 70,000 dollars in the USA. In a Swiss private clinic, a knee operation after a skiing accident can cost 30,000 euros, in Germany, on the other hand, only around 5,000 euros.

How much does an operation in the USA cost?

The cost of care in a US hospital has reached a level that makes US citizens go on a shopping spree for hospitals. The average cost of an appendectomy at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis is around $65,000.

How much does it cost to visit a doctor in the US?

The doctor can claim a maximum of 3.15 euros for making an appointment by telephone. In the case of an on-site examination, a maximum of 21.46 euros is added. If the doctor advises the patient again in detail in the practice, he can charge an additional 20.10 euros. The patient also has to pay the material costs.

How much does an emergency surgery cost?

An emergency operation is usually the only rescue. To prevent stomach torsion, dogs must always rest after eating. Costs: The procedure for gastric torsion can cost 1,200 euros and more.

How much does an operation cost?

If you only take the basic costs for a simple bypass operation without additional services, then the operation for adult patients costs an average of 13,037 euros for 11 hospital days.

How much does an hour of surgery cost?

With an average of 1,500 euros operating costs per hour in the OR, optimally controlled OR management is required.

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