How Many Discus In A 50 Gallon Tank

You may be wondering how many discus in a 50 gallone tank. Keep in mind that discus require a warm tank. They should be kept with slow-moving fish that are slow feeders. A discus’ preferred tankmates include angelfish, ottocinclus, and corydoras. Keep in mind that discus are not a good match for plecostomus, which can be aggressive and incompatible with them.

If you plan to add more than one Discus to the tank, it is important to observe the Discus’ behavior to determine if there is a potential problem. Try keeping the new fish separate until 48 hours, then place them in the tank together. You can easily clean the tank and observe the interaction between the fish. Watch for differences in color in their ‘tubes’. The male tube is long and blunt while the female’s is shorter and pointed.

The substrate of the tank should be sand, gravel, or bare bottom. If you use bare bottom gravel, uneaten food could easily get trapped in between the pebbles. This could cause frequent water changes. Also, keep in mind the size of discus when choosing a tank for them. Keep in mind that if there are too many discus in the tank, they could cause a lot of problems.

Discus are medium-sized fish. If you have less than ten gallon of water, you might want to keep them in smaller tanks. Discus prefer a temperature of around mid-80s. The water must be relatively free of ammonia, nitrite, and hardness. Discus are not tolerant of high temperatures but will tolerate lower pH levels. Discus do not like bright light. You should ensure that your tank is well-ventilated and have a tight-fitting cover. Excessive debris is not good for Discus.

One or two discus can be kept in a 55 gallon tank. Discus are tall and can reach nine inches in length. If you want to keep a larger discus, you should have at least a 75-gallon tank. If you keep discus because of their size, however, you need a tank that has a large surface area and a good substrate.

If you plan to keep discus in a community tank, you can try a 100-gallon aquarium. This tank can hold two to three discus. A 50 gallon tank can house two or three discus. They will be happy together. Adding additional discus to a larger tank will only result in stress and various diseases. Discus are not able to thrive in smaller tanks. However, they can thrive in larger tanks.

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