How many fault points can you have in class B if I already have a1?

How many fault points can you have in class B if I already have a1?

+ additive class B with 10 questions In order to pass the exam, the number of errors from the basic substance and additive for the respective class may not be more than 10 error points. Attention: If, however, two questions with the value 5 are answered incorrectly, the exam is not passed.

How many questions theory class B 2020?

In total, you have to answer 30 questions for the category B driver’s license. Questions can also be asked by the examiner during a practical driving test.

How many questions are there in the theory?

How many questions are to be expected in the class B theory test? A theory test must be passed in order to obtain a driver’s license. This includes 30 questions. Of these, 20 deal with the topic of raw materials, and a further ten deal with questions about additives.

How many questions are there in the theory?

The list of questions to prepare for the theoretical driving test usually contains around 1,600 questions (basic & additive). Around two thirds of these are relevant for driving license category B.

How many questions are there for driving license class A 2020?

In the exam for classes A, A1, A2, B, AM, L and T, 20 questions have to be answered and up to 6 error points are allowed in order to pass.

How many questions are there for a category B driver’s license?

In the ADAC driver’s license app you will find 66 different sheets that you can practice for the theory test.

How many video questions theory?

The catalog of questions will be changed on April 1st and will then contain three video questions.

How many questions in the extension theory test?

So you make an extension. Means for you 20 questions and max. 6 error points.

How is the theory test?

This is how the theoretical driving school test works Novice drivers take the theory test in this country at TÜV or DEKRA. Before the examination, the training certificate must first be presented, and the personal details of the examinee are also recorded. Duration of the exam: The entire exam takes about 30-45 minutes.

What is the best way to prepare for the theory test?

There is no time limit for the theoretical driving test. So you can take as much time as you need and go through all the questions at your leisure. As a rule, however, most learner drivers are finished with all 30 questions after 60 minutes at the latest.

How does the theoretical driving test take place?

The theoretical driving test The theory test is a so-called multiple-choice test. This means that you receive pre-formulated answer options for each question. You must mark the correct answers with a cross, whereby several answers can be correct.

How long does the theory test take?

The 30 questions are divided into 20 basic questions and 10 additional questions, especially for driving license category B. You have 45 minutes for the theoretical test. The theory test is valid for one year, during which time the practical test must be taken, otherwise the theory expires and must be renewed.

How many fail the theory test?

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the failure rate in the theoretical part of all passenger car classes was 39 percent in 2017 (2016: 37 percent); 32 percent of the candidates failed the practical test (previous year: 31 percent, a total of 432,037).

How often can you take the theory test?

There is no legal limit to how often learner drivers can fail the driving test, explains Gerhard von Bressensdorf from the Federal Union of Driving Instructor Associations. This applies to both the practical and the theoretical test.

What happens if you fail the theory test?

Even if you don’t pass the exam, you will receive your test report. Because if the theoretical test is not passed, a blocking period of 14 days applies. You can then register again for the theory test.

How much does it cost if you repeat the theory test?

In principle, you can repeat the theory test as often as you like. However, there are fees of around 20 euros each time and you have to wait at least two weeks between the individual attempts – at least six weeks if you try to cheat.

What happens if you fail the theory test twice?

you can start again after 2 weeks, there is no longer a ban. Practical only works after the theory has been passed.

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