How many Germans study medicine abroad?

How many Germans study medicine abroad?

Those who go abroad are not alone in making this decision: in 2014 alone, around 130,000 German students studied abroad. The number has thus doubled within 10 years (in 2004 there were still around 65,000 German students abroad).

In which country semester abroad?

China. China is one of the economically fastest growing countries in the world and has been one of the largest export nations for years. This is why prospective economists are always drawn to the People’s Republic for an internship or a semester abroad.

In which semester is a semester abroad?

When can I do a semester abroad? As a rule, a stay abroad is possible from the second semester, i.e. as soon as you have already acquired a little specialist knowledge. If a semester abroad is not firmly integrated into your curriculum, then you are free to choose when you want to start.

Is studying in Germany free of charge?

Tuition fees do not have to be paid at state or church universities in Germany. However, tuition fees usually apply at private universities. However, this does not mean that studying in Germany is free of charge.

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