How many subchapters?

How many subchapters?

It makes sense to use a maximum of three sub-levels in the table of contents of your term paper. Also, the main chapters should all be about the same length. A subchapter should contain at least half a page of continuous text.

How many levels of outline?

No more than three to four levels of structure should be used (cf. Karmasin & Ribing 2014: 56; Krämer 2009: 64), i.e. 1.1.1 and are quite possible, but levels like or 1. a) 1.

How many outline points should a bachelor thesis have?

An outline level must contain at least two points. For example, if chapter 3.1 is only followed by sub-item 3.1.1, this is superfluous. In this case, the third level must also include at least one point 3.1.2 (cf.

How many levels of structure master thesis?

Tips for the structure and structure of your master’s thesis Pay attention to the following tips when creating the structure of your master’s thesis. Outline levels: Outline levels must always be subdivided at least twice.

What percentage theory master thesis?

You thereby create a scientific research basis for answering your research question. The theoretical framework is placed before the methodology in your thesis and should make up about 30% of the scope of your bachelor thesis or master thesis.

How many pages Introduction master thesis?

The introduction to the master’s thesis should get to the topic of the master’s thesis as quickly and directly as possible. Therefore, try to keep the introduction to your master’s thesis quite short. Reliable statements about the length of an introduction are impossible. But five pages can also be enough.

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