How many types of communication are there?

How many types of communication are there?

Communication is usually a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication. Below we present three types of communication.

What are elements of communication?

Nobody can not communicate! Communication is an exchange of messages between sender and receiver. “Nonverbal” communication takes place via body language such as gestures, facial expressions, posture and behavior. Only 20% of information is passed on “verbally”, i.e. with language and words.

What does verbal communication involve?

Verbal communication (understanding with words) is that part of interpersonal communication that takes place in language (i.e. verbally). This includes both oral and written communication.

What forms of non-verbal communication are there?

Channels of non-verbal communication: gaze, facial expression (mimicry), posture and body movement (gestures), touch (tactility), spatial distance (interpersonal space) and vocal characteristics (tone of voice, speed of speech, emphasis, pauses, etc.).

What is not included in non-verbal communication?

definitions. Non-verbal communication (from the Latin non = not, verbum = word and communicare = to communicate; non-literal communication) is any communication that is not verbal, i.e. neither spoken nor signed or written.

What body language means what?

Most body language signals are unconscious gestures with which the body reacts to the conversation situation, the emotional world or the appearance of the other person. Emotional states such as fear, boredom, tension or self-confidence can also be reflected in unconscious body language.

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