How much does a bestselling author make?

How much does a bestselling author make?

A few thousand euros in taxes are deducted from this – and social security. It takes an author about two years to write a novel. A best-selling author who has earned, say, 20,500 euros from the sale of his novel has a net monthly income of 854 euros.

What is the profit margin on books?

Either the self-publisher bears the risk and the book trade receives a margin of between 20% and 35% of the net book price on sale. Or the bookstore orders the book through its preferred wholesaler and receives the agreed book trade discount.

How much does it cost to publish a book?

Costs to publish a book Reputable self-publishing service providers charge between a few euros and around 250 euros. The services included are different and each author must decide which service components are important for the book project.

Can you publish a book anonymously?

In the case of a closed pseudonym, the actual name of the author should always be kept secret. The issue here is often that an already well-known author does not want to publish under one and the same name in very different genres.

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