How Much Oil Does A Omc Cobra Outdrive Hold

How Much Oil Does a OMC Cobra Outdrive Hold?

You might be wondering how much oil does an OMC Cobra outdrive hold. You might find varying responses. Here’s a quick look at the question. If you are interested in purchasing an OMC Cobra, it is important to learn about the oil types that work in these drives. Continue reading to learn how to maintain your Cobra’s performance.

Use synthetic oil to test for leaks. OMC recommends Ultra HPF gear oil, but Mercury Hiperf. or other gear lubes will do. It’s recommended that you replace the oil every three years to prevent premature wear and tear. And once you replace the oil, be sure to check the hoses for any damage. If any, clean them and reassemble the Cobra.

Locate the gauge on the lower gearcase to check the oil level. If it’s not showing the right level, remove the plug and fill the drive to the line on the gauge. Be sure to screw in the gauge completely. When checking the oil level, do not leave the gauge on the threads. You could endanger the gearcase by doing so. You can identify the type of lubricant you need by looking at your OMC Cobra Gearcase Lubricant.

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