How Old Is Dr Don Paul Gray

How Old Is Dr Don Paul Gray?

If you’ve been wondering how old Dr. Don Paul Gray is, you’re not alone. The internet is filled with articles about the acclaimed psychiatrist. You can find out about his friends and coworkers, and about the church that he attended. Even if you’re not sure of Don Wayne Gray’s age, you can read below about his life.

Don Wayne Gray

The first question that pops in one’s mind is how old is Dr. Don Wayne Gray? His parents are John and Dorothy Gray. He also has brothers David L. and Bradley. In addition, he is related to Kare (Sheila) Gray and Brad Gray. His family is well-known in the medical community.

In 1976, Dr. Gray earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan. He later earned his master’s in business administration from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. In addition, he is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. His professional achievements include working with children who have scoliosis.

After graduating from college, Dr. Gray went on to attend medical school. He majored in biology and was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. He knew that he wanted to be a surgeon, but he was not sure which specialty he wanted to specialize in. In the end, he decided on orthopaedic surgery.

Don P Gray’s friends

Friends of Don P Gray remember him fondly as a well-read and generous person. His stories were rich and vivid, ranging from a train trip to see his aunt in California to exploring the Orient and Europe. His many friends and colleagues will miss him greatly. These stories are presented below.

His coworkers

One of Dr. Don Paul Gray’s greatest achievements was to establish a program in electrical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. This program was started from scratch in 1981, and today the students who graduate from the program are mostly employed in the Fox Valley. His coworkers have called it the best program at the university, and many are still thankful for his efforts.

Known coworkers of Don P Gray include Bertha Revae Mundt and Gerardo R Ramos. He is also believed to be associated with Amber L Snelson, Brent Christopher Gray, and Dee Ann Gray. While it is difficult to identify Don P Gray’s coworkers, there are many possible associates who were friends with him.

His church

On May 21, 2012, Dr. Paul Gray, a man of many talents, passed away. Born in Vilonia, Arkansas, he served as pastor, professor, and archivist in the Church of the Nazarene. A close friend to all, he was also well-loved by his family and friends. He was the last of his family generation to depart this earth.

Don Gray served on the board of directors of the Eastman Kodak Company and Boeing Company. He was also a life trustee of Wheaton College and the Boston Museum of Science. He was also a fellow of the National Academy of Engineering. His wife, Priscilla King Gray, survives him, as do his four children and their spouses. He is also survived by his sister Cynthia and her husband, Louis Schueler. He leaves behind several nieces and nephews.

As a husband and father, Dr. Gray was also a faithful member of his church, the Ashland Plaza Church of the Nazarene. He was active in the church’s Work and Witness program, and he served on several mission trips as a dentist. A native of Newark, NJ, Dr. Gray attended Eastern Nazarene College and Tufts University. He also earned a fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry.

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