How To Beat Level 147 On Candy Crush

If you’re stuck on Candy Crush Level 147, here’s some advice. You should start crushing the candies at the bottom, since they’ll create a chain reaction and destroy more pieces. You should also work on your timing and don’t just blindly follow tips. You’ll need to do some thinking before you can use them. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best strategies to beat level 148.

The key to level 147 is to clear as much of the jelly as you can in fifty moves. While this is an ambitious target, it is definitely doable! However, there are many traps that can make this an especially difficult level. The first strategy is to use wrapped candies as a shortcut to get rid of all the bombs. These candies can be very helpful in this level. Alternatively, you can use the horizontal striped candy.

In level 147, try to stay away from the bottom corner. It’s a tricky location, so try to keep your candies horizontal. The bottom corner contains two jellies that will be very difficult to destroy. In addition, you should avoid the double jelly in the bottom corner. The trick to this level is to get as many candies as you can in as few moves as possible. After that, you’ll be able to reach the next level without using a lot of moves.

To beat level 147, collect all the chocolate and blockers on the board. Don’t try to make a double colourbomb combo! You’ll need to allow the chocolate to grow along the bottom row. Then, you can use the extra moves to clear the board. If you don’t have extra moves, you should also buy a bomb cooler to avoid the booby-booms.

In order to clear level 147, you must remove all of the hard jelly. You can use horizontal striped candies to attack the jellies in the bottom corner. During this time, you should move from the middle to the bottom of the board, since the double jelly will usually be in the top corner. Generally, the top piece of jelly is the last one left on the board, so you have to chip away at the bottom to clear it.

The trick to beat level 147 is to get rid of the double jelly squares. This is one of the most challenging levels in Candy Crush. You will need to clear 52 double jelly squares in 50 moves. You should stay on one side of the board and focus on getting rid of the meringue fast. In addition, you should be able to use the wrapped candy to your advantage. This is the best way to beat level 127.

In order to clear level 147, you need to remove all the bombs. You need to make sure that you can eliminate all the bombs. In addition to that, you should use the jelly fish to get a boost. The bomb cooler can help you clear the lollipop blocks and the jelly blocks in the center. By doing so, you can complete the level in a very short time.

If you can’t beat the level in a single attempt, use a combo to attack both corner jellies. If you can’t clear all of the jellies in one go, try to get a horizontal striped candy. This will make the game much easier. If you’re not a good combo maker, you should use a combination of the two. You might be able to clear the entire level in under 50 moves.

To beat the level, you’ll need to collect chocolate and blockers. Remember that the bottom row is open, so don’t be afraid to go horizontal to clear it. Just make sure to have a lot of candy in your inventory so that you’ll have a higher chance of achieving a high score. It’s possible to pass the level in 50 moves. The trick is to use multiple strategies in the same turn so that you can get more points.

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