How To Beat Level 246 In Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 246 in Candy Crush Saga

This guide will help you beat level 246 in Candy Crush Saga. You may have already tried the cheats but still did not succeed. We will explain what you need in order to pass this level. Level 246 is about clearing all the jellies. You can’t just grab the candies and hope to get a higher score.

Candy Crush Saga offers five levels. To score 35,000 points in Jelly level, for example, you will need to clear all jelly blocks from the board. For this level, you will need 40 moves to clear the Jelly blocks and make two matches on top of each other. You’ll also need at least 40 moves to complete double jelly levels. You can also find Cheats that can help you beat level 246 easily.

Another way to beat level 246 is to use the Lollipop Hammer, which can be used to smash through barriers. You can also use the Free Switch to swap two adjacent Candies. As for the Dark Chocolate, you can remove it by matching them with another striped candy. This can help you make more powerful combinations. You can’t move the Dark Chocolate unless you have a few more striped candies.

To earn more points, jelly fish can also be used. They will automatically destroy jellies if they are in your path. When not in use, turn off boosts. You should also save extra lives so you can use them when you need them. Using the coconut wheel is a great boost before level 246. It will allow you to create three striped candies of the same colour as the jellyfish.

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