How To Beat Level 39 On 100 Floors

How to Beat Level 39 on 100 Floors

This video guide will help you get past level 39. This guide was created by Tobi Apps and includes step-by-step instructions. You’ll see what you need in order to pass each level. This includes 100 doors and all the hints that you need to succeed. This video guide is essential for players who want to complete level 39 of the 100 Floors as quickly as possible.

Unlike the original game, this level of 100 Floors is actually quite simple to beat. You simply need to have fast fingers, and to get all 5 of the lights to burn at once. If you don’t want to spend your time figuring out the answers, follow the instructions Amy Cheung posted. To help you move faster, she also provided an image. You will not be able beat the game if you don’t follow her instructions.

The next level requires matching shaped tiles to the hole in the door. This will require you to match the shape and size of a balloon with the hole in a door. If you’re stuck at level 39, you can’t use a lever or machette! You’ll need to use other items to get through this level. If you can’t find the items, you’ll need to collect more balloons. You can also use the balloon as a ‘tool’ to help you solve other levels.

You can also press the left button for nine second to beat this level. After you have done this, tap on the lights in the middle row, top right button and middle left. The middle row should turn to green. For level 94, you will need to repeat the steps. This will help you complete level 39 in a fast manner. However, you should be careful not to get stuck in this level for too long.

It is important to aim to match the patterns on the walls with your circles. This will be easier if you have already completed level 39, but in some cases you might find it difficult to do it. If you’re a puzzle person, this is the perfect level for you. It’s a great puzzle game that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Be patient and use your skills. This is one of your favorite puzzle games! You can easily complete 100 floors if you are up for the challenge and willing to learn a few tricks.

If you’ve already beaten level 30 in 100 floors, the next step is to solve level 39. It requires you to use your brain in the puzzle game. To open the elevator doors, you can use a turnkey. You can also use a wooden floor to solve this puzzle. Matching the colored ring to the inside ring is the key to this level. This level takes patience and time.

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