How To Beat Level 95 On 100 Floors

This guide will help you beat level 95 in 100 Floors. It will show you step-by-step instructions to help you complete the challenge. This game uses unique interaction and utilizes the full functionality of your phone or tablet. In addition to tapping on the screen, you can also shake the device, change the volume, and think of special ideas. Whether you want to unlock the door at the top of a floor or complete a puzzle, the guide below will help you get past this level.

The first part of this guide will help you beat the level. You need to look at the CODE, which is made up of numbers. In this case, the CODE is 03150405 and the password is epoch. Once you have figured out the password, you can use it to unlock the door. You can also use your torch to solve the puzzles. To beat level 95 on 100 floors, you must use the code to open the doors.

The next part of the walkthrough will help you figure out how to open the doors. You need to select the door that says “Open.” Then, touch each door to find the CODE. This will open the doors. Make sure to press the right button so that the elevator can open. Then, you need to shake the phone for the bear to wake up and move. Using this trick will help you unlock the door.

After you have opened the door, it’s time to move to floor 85. You can do this by shaking your phone. Now, you must unlock the door and get to the bear. Then, use the elevator. This will get you to the final floor. You’ll have to use the CODE on the next floor. This code consists of numbers. This password is 03150405 and you must use it to open the doors.

In order to beat this level, you need to use the CODE on the floor. This code is composed of numbers, and you will need to type in these numbers to find the exit. You’ll also need to use the torch. By doing this, you will open all the doors on the floor. You’ll need to use your flashlight to light the candles. Then, you need to cut the vines and then use the CODE on floor 87.

To beat level 95 in the game, you need to cut the red wire and move the laser to the right. You can also use the torch to open the doors on the floor. During this level, you’ll have to use your hammer to cut the red wire. It’s a bit tricky, but you can’t afford to miss the chance to make your dreams come true! This is the easiest way to beat level 95 on 100 floors.

To beat level 95, you need to use the CODE to find the exit door. The CODE is made up of four numbers. The key is to tap the buttons in the appropriate order. Once you’ve found this exit, tap the buttons to get to the next floor. Similarly, you can also get a higher score by using the CODE on the exit door. This way, you can open the door to a higher floor.

You can use your CODE to open the door at the top of the stage. In the game, you have to use the CODE to find the exit door. You must touch it twice before the other doors will open. When you reach the end of the level, you’ll have to touch the door again. You can also try a few other ways to beat level 95 in this game. In some cases, you might have to take a different route.

The first method to beat the level is to try and find the CODE. It’s made up of numbers, so you’ll have to guess the CODE in the game before you enter the room. This strategy can save you time and ensure that you’re successful at this challenging level. But be careful: if you accidentally get caught while playing, this strategy can ruin your chances of reaching the exit. It is not only dangerous, but it is also highly addictive.

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