How To Change Battery In Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000

How to Change Battery in Braun Thermometer

You may be a little unsure about how to change the battery in your Braun Thermometer. Here are some tips to help you make the process easy and hassle-free. These simple steps will allow you to quickly change your thermometer’s battery and keep it in great condition for many years. You will need a Welch Allyn Service Tool to perform this task.

First, be sure to read the instructions carefully before doing anything. You can find the Service Tool installation guide online. Next, remove the probe cover. This covers the thermometer’s probes and forms a sanitary barrier between it and the ear canal. If you do not want to rip off the cover, follow the instructions carefully. You can remove the probe cover to change the battery.

You can choose to replace the battery with a new alkaline or rechargeable one. If you don’t want to buy a new thermometer, you can also buy the charging station from Welch Allyn. The charging station serves as a convenient storage base. You should remember to change the battery before your device stops working.

After you have replaced the battery, remember that the PRO6000 has an extra feature called “ExacTemp”. This tells you where to place the probe during measurement and illuminates it afterwards. This allows for consistent and accurate temperature measurements. This feature is especially helpful when you’re measuring a child’s temperature in a changing environment. Rectal temperatures are not accurate indicators of internal body temperature and can prove dangerous in rapidly changing temperatures.

The PRO 6000 is shipped with two AA alkaline batteries. It also includes two probe covers and tethering kits. Instructions for installation are included. However, you should consider that the warranty does not cover the battery, the probe window, or misuse of the thermometer. This warranty is only valid for the first purchaser and is void if you use a non-genuine probe cover.

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