How To Clean Flame Arrestor On Water Heater

How to Clean a Flame Arrestor on Water Heater

Performing preventive maintenance on your water heater is vital to keep it functioning properly. Here are some tips for cleaning your flame arrestor. Make sure that you use a non-metallic brush to clean the bottom part of the flame arrestor. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the LDO screen. Finally, look into the top part of the flame arrestor with a mirror. To clean the flame arrestor, you need to remove the inner door and burner assembly. The flame arrestor will likely be clogged with lint. The flame arrestor should be cleaned every 3 months.

The flame arrestor is made of a series of small tubes that block the passage of combustible gases. Its main purpose is to reduce the chances of a fire or explosion by keeping the burner area cool. It is made of fvir technology. If you are not sure if your heater has this safety feature, check the instructions on the bottle. If it isn’t mentioned, contact the manufacturer of your heater. They should be able to provide you with some tips on cleaning your water heater.

Properly anchoring your flame arrestor is very important. Properly anchor the flame arrestor to prevent it from dislodging in the event of an explosion. Proper seating prevents flame propagation past the seating. Also, make sure that the pressure drop across the flame arrestor is not too high. Ensure that you regularly clean the flame arrestor in order to avoid potential dangers. For best results, you should check the flame arrestor every week.

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