How to credit YouTube videos as source?

How to credit YouTube videos as source?

November 2020. When citing YouTube, you must give the complete source….The source in the bibliography consists of: Creator.Date/year of publication.Title [YouTube]URL.

Is a table a statistic?

Examinations are recorded and presented in statistics. If this happens in a list-like overview, we speak of a statistical table. We encounter these overviews of figures to an increasing extent in all media.

Is a table a matrix?

A matrix is ​​an arrangement in the form of a table. Matrix (mathematics), the arrangement of numerical values ​​or other mathematical objects in tabular form. Matrix (logic), the quantifier-free part of a formula in predicate logic.

What is a matrix simply explained?

A matrix (plural: matrices) is a rectangular table of elements of mathematical objects. These mathematical objects are mostly numbers, but can also be variables or even functions. A so-called (m,n) matrix consists of m rows and n columns.

What exactly is the Matrix?

In mathematics, the matrix is ​​an arrangement of numbers in horizontal and vertical rows. In electronic data processing, the term stands for a system of individual factors that belong together. In biology, on the other hand, matrix is ​​a germ layer in which something new develops.

What is a matrix computer science?

A matrix is ​​the arrangement of m*n values ​​in a table of m rows and n columns. A matrix is ​​said to be square if m==n . An mxn matrix has the form: A typical matrix operation is transposing, ie swapping the rows and columns of a matrix.

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