How To Get Commendations In Mobile Strike

How to Get Commendations in Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike has many ways to earn commendations. This article will show you some. You must have completed the Tall Tales 1 and 2 to earn Commendation 1. This is the hardest way to earn Commendation 2, but it’s worth it! Once you have it, you can proceed to the next step. There are many ways to earn Commendation 3, including mobile strike.

Credit farming is a great way to speed up your commendation progress, though it’s mainly for lower-ranked commendations. The Iron commendation, for example, gives you twelve credits for each Covenant kill. You also get one point. You cannot earn credits for achieving commendations at Easy difficulty. However, you can earn them by killing and achieving commendations. Credit farming is not recommended for those who are new to the game.

Another tip to earn commendations in Mobile Strike is to complete missions. You’ll need to collect certain items to earn commendations, and you should also try to kill your opponents. Completing missions together will earn you additional commendations. You can also use them to unlock other bonuses and items. As long as you complete the missions, you’ll have plenty of time to build and upgrade your base!

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