How to help the homeless?

How to help the homeless?

6 Things You Can Do To Help The Homeless Strike up the conversation. Show respect. Don’t judge. Get help. Donate wisely. Find a fundraiser.

Where can you donate stuff for the homeless?

How you can donate your clothes sensiblyBring them to the clothing stores yourself. Donate directly to another social institution. Hand in to social department stores. Sell ​​in the nearest Oxfam store. If clothes containers, then FairWertung!

Does every German have the right to an apartment?

β€œ(1) Everyone has the right to adequate housing.

What can I do if I can’t find an apartment?

The landlord does not have to procure either a hotel or a replacement apartment. Definitely talk to the landlord and explain your situation, if you have the relevant proof of a serious search, you can prove to him how difficult it is at the moment. Maybe he’ll extend it a bit more.

Who can help if you are threatened with homelessness?

The best thing to do is to contact the homeless help staff and ask them to help you get you referred to addiction counseling. At Caritas, you can often find addiction counseling and help for the homeless “under one roof” – that can simplify some things.

What to do if you suddenly find yourself homeless?

An apartment is provided for someone who has become homeless. If necessary, a homeless shelter may also be available. Anyone who is penniless can apply for basic security benefits from the relevant social welfare office/social center.

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