How to make a curly brace?

How to make a curly brace?

If you press “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “7” at the same time, you create a curly brace that opens. Press “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “0” at the same time, create a curly brace that closes. Tip: You must use the number keys at the top of the keyboard.

What does the curly bracket mean?

An accolade is a curly parenthesis; brace; also known colloquially as a nose clip. Etymologically from French accolade for hug, from Latin ad for to and collum for neck. Punctuation that ties lines of music, code, and text together.

What is the meaning of brackets in an arithmetic problem?

In a calculation, you can use brackets to specify what is calculated first. This is like the right of way rules in road traffic. When calculating, there are also priority rules. You already know one: calculate from left to right.

How do you start a quote?

Rule 3: If the quoted sentence(s) contains a quote from the author of the source from which the quote is made, then this is placed in single quotation marks (cf. Franck & Stary 2003: 181), “quote … ‘quote within the quote’ … Quote”.

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