How To Remove An Axle Cap On A Hand Truck

How to Remove an Axle Cap on a Hand Truck

There are many ways to replace your hand truck’s end cap if it is damaged or worn out. You can remove the end cap with a flat-head screwdriver and return it to the dealer. To gently tap the cap into place, you can also use a hammer. If you are unable to locate the part locally, contact the manufacturer for a replacement cap.

First, remove the axle cap. It is usually made from a rod of metal, but it could also be made of a rubber or plastic nut. Simply unscrew the bolt, and then unscrew the axle cap. Repeat this process for each axle. To replace the axle cap remove the thin washer from the axle. Repeat this process for all other wheels. You’ll need to undo the remaining bolts and nuts in order to get the new cap.

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